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Conveying, dosing and drying systems

  • Modular system
  • Direct coloring
  • Mixing and dosing
  • Conveying
  • Central conveying systems 
  • Drying


temperature control units

  • Temperature control units
  • Accessories for temperature control of injection molds
  • Compact water chillers


robots, automation

  • Linear robots and sprue pickers
  • 6-axis robots and special applications
  • Visual control system


metal detectors and separators

  • Magnetic separators
  • Metal detectors
  • Metal separators


plastic granulators

  • Slow speed granulators
  • Slow speed granulators
  • Shredders – granulators


conveyors and separation systems

  • Belt conveyors
  • Separation systems
  • Automation


cooling systems

  • Cooling equipment
  • Cooling systems
  • Heat recovery
  • Air conditioning, ventilation systems
  • Compact chillers
  • Cooling water temperature control
  • Compressed air supply
  • Piping installation
  • Rental of chilling systems


temperature control systems

  • Rhytemper FlexControl
  • Rhytemper HotPulse
  • Rhytemper BasicPulse
  • Rhytemper FlowWatch
  • Temperature control technologies


Temperature control technologies


potrubní komponenty, sila, kontejnery


measuring instruments

  • Data transmission systems
  • Internal gauges
  • Calipers
  • Posuvná měřítka
  • Depth gauges
  • Height gauges and marking-off instrument
  • Indicators
  • ayer thickness measuring instruments
  • Stands, bench tools, vices, V-blocks, granite plates, protractors, squares, levels
  • Calibration instruments and tools
  • Gauge blocks
  • Scanning systems and laser scan micrometers
  • Scanning systems and laser scan micrometers
  • Consumable material


optical measuring machines

  • optical measuring machines
  • Measuring microscopes
  • Measuring projectors (Profile projectors)


form and surface roughness measuring instruments

  • Contour measuring instruments
  • Surface roughness measuring instruments
  • Combined instruments
  • Roundness measuring instruments


hardness testing machines

  • portable hardness testing machines
  • Rockwell
  • Brinell
  • MicroVickers
  • Vickers


coordinate measuring machines

  • Manual measuring machines
  • CNC measuring machines
  • Software
  • Fixtures


vision measuring systems

  • 2D manual vision measuring systems
  • 2C CNC vision measuring instruments
  • 3D CNC vision measuring instruments
  • 3D CNC multisensor measuring instruments


optical measuring machines

  • MTL – for turned and ground rotary parts
  • MTP – for flat parts

Warehouse stock


production optimization with quick mold change

  • Clamping solutions
  • Coupler solutions
  • Maintenance solutions
  • Mold and die handling solutions
  • Ejector coupler solutions
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Applications


hotrunner control technology

Customer services

Applications with KraussMaffei machines

  • Production process optimization
  • Technological support
  • Consulting


  • Automation with KraussMaffei, Sepro robots
  • System solutions


  • Design of peripheral devices for injection molding machines
  • Design of auxiliary equipment for central drying and conveying of materials
  • Design and manufacture of measuring instruments
  • Design of grippers for linear and 6-axis robots
  • Design of safety fences, stairs, platforms

Customer services

  • Service
  • Spare parts
  • Training
  • Technological support

KUBOUŠEK Technologies and Instruments

MSV Brno 2016

International Engineering Fair in Brno

  • Date: 3 – 7 October 2016
  • Place: Brno - Exhibition Centre

In 2016 we are once again ready to take part in the International Engineering Fair in Brno (MSV) which will be held from 3 to 7 October. In the long term this fair is the most important and most-frequented trade fair in Central Europe, and especially for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The main topic of MSV will be industrial automation. Our exposition will keep it in mind, and we wish to present the latest trends in this area. We realize that emphasis on time and cost saving is a priority for our customers. Both of our traditional expositions – plastics industry in pavilion G1 and measuring instruments mainly for engineering in pavilion F will address this topic.

Přijďte nás navštívit na MSV 2016

Come and visit us, we look forward to meet you.

Official trade fair website:


  Press Release

KUBOUŠEK s.r.o. will be at MSV for the twenty-fifth time

KUBOUŠEK s.r.o. has been putting advanced industrial technologies in the market for many years. The new generation of products aims towards satisfying the high requirements of industry for automation, appeals to the required production process characteristics, in particular speed, precision, and elimination of nonconforming products. By tradition, also this year KUBOUŠEK s.r.o.  will take part in the International Engineering Fair in Brno and will have plenty to offer. Both specialists and the lay public will have the opportunity to see with their own eyes the amazing SEPRO 7X-55 robot. This 5-axis robot is the result of a combination of the new generation of powerful 3-axis linear SEPRO robots and 2-axis digital rotation (AC) Stäubli. “I am honoured to introduce the biggest SEPRO robot on the Czech market. In spite of its large dimensions it guarantees precision while preserving high functional speed. Furthermore, thanks to the Visual 3 operating system  it can be easily programmed and controlled,“ responds Luděk Čekal, managing director of KUBOUŠEK s.r.o., to the question on the use of the machine of the new SEPRO model series. Besides the above-mentioned dominant, the company will present in Pavilion G1 for instance the revolutionary KrausMaffei CX injection moulding machine, the new product in plastics moulding.

By tradition, this year there will again be an interesting display of peripheral devices and measuring technologies. The exhibition area of Pavilion G1 hosting the peripheral devices will boast of the KOCH-TECHNIK material conveying and dosing systems, Regloplas temperature control units, Rapid plastic granulators, Sesotec metal detectors and separators, MTF conveyors, and ONI cooling and chilling systems.

The Mitutoyo brand of the Japanese manufacturer of measuring systems and instruments will be among the important representatives of measuring technology products which will be presented in Pavilion F. The wide range will be presented on-line.

Among the measuring technologies there will be premiere of the  Metrios optical measuring system, which has not yet been put on the Czech market.  The unique advantages of this universal optical measuring system are the reduction of measuring time and detailed evaluation of results with the possibility of monitoring trends for the quick correction of the production process.

The news of the year 2016 will also include the MTL M1 optical measuring machine from VICIVISION, whose products’ quality has encouraged a number of customers both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.  The unique design of the MTL M1 enables direct access to the part illuminated by LEDs for easy loading of both small and big products to be measured. Apart from the measuring itself, the intuitive MTL M1 software uses real image of the measured part to achieve the highest degree of validity.