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divize Přístroje


Optical measurement on the shop floor

A new optical measuring machine for the shop floor

The ALL-IN-ONE solution offers the greatest benefits.

Quick report reduces measuring time for:

  • measured piece approval
  • machine center setting
  • batch checking to prevent machine downtime

It eliminates human error risk – provides precise results with one click.

It enables multiple measurements of dimensions such as distances, radii, diameters, angles, linearity, roundness, including evaluation of structural elements which are extremely difficult to detect with normal shop instruments.

Thanks to its specific tools, the Metrios is an extremely quick system even for complex measurements.


Maximally universal without limitation in measuring


Telecentric backlight

Maximum accuracy and minimal requirements for the quality of the working environment


Annular illuminator

The 640 LED annular illuminator for 16 sectors arranged on two independently configurable high intensity light sources eliminates the requirements for a special environment.


Coaxial episcopic illuminator

Provides telecentric illumination without limitation of, or making impossible, the view of the surface measured.




  • The optical unit is formed by a telecentric backlight, coaxial episcopic illuminator, and an annular LED illuminator for 16 sectors – 8 external bevel angles and 8 internal gradual angles.
  • The matrix camera with a telecentric lens has a field of vision 85x75 mm.
  • The movable measuring stage is equipped with a vertical linear axis driven by a brushless motor.
  • Sliding annular illuminator on the prismatic guide with vertical setting and a position indicator.
  • Touch PC with Windows 7 or higher version.
  • Metrios software for measuring station control and maintenance, analysis configuration, and for displaying and archiving measurement results. The configuration is user-friendly; measurement is performed directly from the image.

Vertical setting of the measuring stage

The 100 mm stroke of the stage is unique in its category, and makes it possible to measure not only flat parts but also thicker parts.

Independent annular lighting system

The annular illuminator position is independent of optics or of the focusing plane. The angle of incidence of light can be changed freely to obtain a perfect image. 



Metrios is suitable for any working environment











                                                                                                                         Its sturdy steel exoskeleton protects the technological “heart” of the machine







   1. Optional backlight panel
   2. Industrial 17' touch screen
   3. Simplified interface does not require any training
   4. USB ports for external measuring instruments
   5. Integrated calculation and electronic units protected from external influences
   6. 3 different temperature sensors for protection from thermal shock
   7. Optional second monitor and an external keyboard
   8. Built-in patented Step master provides calibration data continuously and eliminates deviations.
   9. Workstation on wheels







Technical data

Model                Metrios M1
Maximum X-Y axis measurement dimensions mm 60x75
Maximum load height on Z axis mm 100
Maximum load weight kg 0,8
Measurement accuracy µm* 5
Measurement repeatability µm* 2
Machine weight  kg 95
Power supply V-Hz 230-50/60
Length x Width x Height mm 400x800x900
Requires a welded steel table or granite surface (recommended size)
(L x W x H)
mm 500x850x700

*The data relates to measurements performed at 20 °C on clear and rectified surfaces.
The data can be influenced by the shape and condition of the surface of the part.